Participation in the General Council

The 26th General Council of World Communion of Reformed Churches was from June 29th till July 7th 2017 in Leipzig, Berlin and Wittenberg Germany. The motto was Living God, renew and transform us!”

Representatives from the Synods, and the General Assemblies of Reformed Churches around the World where present. The World Communion of Reformed Churches united approximately 80 million of Reformed Christians, of that in Europe more than seven millions, with more than 225 member Churches, in more than 110 Countries. There where present 126 Churches with 320 voting representatives.

The General Council stared with Bible studying and Worship, and two days earlier started different preliminary meetings. After representatives where confirmed the Plenary Session started with all day work in which representatives participated in Worships, Biblical and Prayer Meetings, Workshops, plenary discussions about different questions. They accepted reports and documents, made decisions, give directions, and listened different presentations.

Rev Branimir Bučanović was there, on behalf of the Reformed Christian Calvinist Church in Croatia, as representative and voting member.

Oppening Worship service at the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig, with the President of Germany in attendance.